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Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions


Ochaya Fureha (trademark registered)


Operation manager name

Masaru Hirakawa

post code



SD Honmachi Building 702, 4-8-1 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Explanation of charges other than the product price

[Hokkaido/Okinawa] Normal delivery: ¥1,000 Yu-pack ¥800

[Other prefectures] Standard delivery: ¥800 Yu-pack ¥500

Delivery time

We will ship within 7 days of your order

payment method

credit card

email address

We do not accept returns or exchanges for items other than defective products.

Returns, exchanges, cancellations, etc.

If the product is defective, we will process the refund, so please return the product.

Please bear the shipping fee by yourself.

​ qualification

food sanitation manager

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