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About Kayahara Tea Shop

From school lunches, neighborhood factories to Kansai Airport.
Snuggle up to a place of relaxation in the area.

Kayahara Tea Shop celebrated its 70th anniversary, and has been providing "high-quality Japanese tea for everyday use" to everyone in the region.

​Our management philosophy was to spare no effort, such as delivering our products ourselves, so that not only businesses but also general customers could easily pick up our products.

Sometimes it is served to children at local school lunches, and sometimes during lunch or break time at the factory to nourish the mind and body.

It was a long-established tea shop with such a warmth that everyone in the area would think of the owner when they heard "Kayahara Tea Shop".

​ And it still is.

A long time friend.
Together with high-quality tea leaves from Shizuoka's Makinohara plateau.

A large tea garden on the vast Makinohara plateau, said to be the largest in the East.
The area is about 1,063 times the size of Tokyo Dome, or 5,000 hectares.
During the new tea picking season, the entire plateau is dyed in bright green.


Kayahara Tea Shop also purchases tea leaves from the Makinohara Plateau in Shizuoka Prefecture and blends them as needed.

The history of the large tea gardens on the Makinohara plateau began with the development of the area by the samurai who were active in Edo in the early Meiji period.

After that, it is said that the quality of tea leaves was improved, and the prototype of the "deep steamed tea" manufacturing method was devised.

The reputation of this richly scented tea has spread throughout Japan, leading to the development of today's Shizuoka Makinohara tea brand.

Shows various expressions depending on the climate
I want you to taste Japanese tea.

Since tea is an agricultural product, new teas are lined up in front of you every year.

They are not all the same, but have different qualities in aroma, sweetness, bitterness, astringency, shape, and color depending on the environment.

The tea leaves are cultivated in an excellent environment for tea leaves that are cool at night and exposed to sunlight during the day, and the temperature difference is extreme.

In addition, we provide tea leaves for everyday use so that you can drink plenty of tea without hesitation.

We believe that gaining the ability to discern the best points of such a wide variety of teas will lead to proposing delicious teas that truly satisfy our customers.

上くきほうじ茶 (4).jpg
Inherited taste and hospitality.

I will pass down the traditional blending method and connoisseur of "Kayahara Tea Shop" from Mr. Kayahara.

We cherish the idea of "wanting customers to enjoy the taste at a lower price" at the time of our founding, and by delivering directly to our customers without going through a store, we are able to deliver them to our customers in the freshest condition at a reasonable price.

In addition, by starting sales at the online shop this time, we will try to create an online shop where you can feel the convenience and deliciousness of tea so that more people can easily enjoy the traditional tea of Kayahara Tea Shop. .

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