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barley tea

barley tea


``Fragrance'', ``natural sweetness'', ``concentration'', and ``clear aftertaste''.


Barley tea has the impression of being a drink to soothe a dry throat in the hot summer, but you can enjoy its deep flavor.


*The filter-in bottle is sold separately and is being priced down for a limited time.

  • Storage method and precautions

    Take it out of the refrigerator the day before and allow the tea leaves to return to room temperature before cutting the seal. Also, avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. In the case of cold water, pull the barley in a mill and put it in a tea bag and pickle it.

  • Breed

    Nijo barley from Saga Prefecture
    It has larger grains than six-rowed barley and is often used as an ingredient in beer.

  • expiry date

    6 months

  • manufacturing method


  • production area

    Saga Prefecture

  • Internal capacity


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