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Autumn and winter bancha

Autumn and winter bancha


Autumn and winter banchaforPolysaccharideRecent studies have shown that it contains polysaccharides. This polysaccharide isBlood glucose levelIt was clarified in an animal experiment at Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University that it lowers


Autumn and winter bancha has less caffeine (15mg per 150ml), and there is less concern about its diuretic effect. Therefore, I think that everyone from children to the elderly can drink it with confidence.Cold brew senchaYou can drink it more effectively by brewing it with cold water. Also, by brewing with cold water (room temperature in winter), the bitterness of bancha disappears and you can drink it with a mellow taste. It is also popular with children.


*The filter-in bottle is sold separately and is being priced down for a limited time.

  • Storage method and precautions

    Take it out of the refrigerator the day before and allow the tea leaves to return to room temperature before cutting the seal. Also, avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

  • Breed


  • expiry date

    6 months

  • manufacturing method

    deep steamed

  • production area

    Made in Shizuoka Prefecture

  • Internal capacity


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