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value pack

value pack


◆ Hojicha pack (regular purchase: 50 p/500 yen)

◆ Barley tea pack (regular purchase: 45 pages/500 yen)

◆ Genmaicha pack (regular purchase: 100P/3000 yen)

From the desire to enjoy tea casually anytime,

We have prepared convenient and affordable large-capacity tea bags.


It's a tea pack, so just throw it away.

Disposal of used tea leaves is also easy.

Price Options
One-time purchase
¥500every month for 2 months
  • Storage method and precautions

    Take it out of the refrigerator the day before and allow the tea leaves to return to room temperature before cutting the seal. Also, avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. In the case of cold water, pull the barley in a mill and put it in a tea bag and pickle it.

  • Breed

    [Hojicha] Yabukita

    [Barley tea] Nijo barley from Saga Prefecture

    [Genmaicha] Blend (Sencha/Genmai)


  • expiry date

    6 months

  • manufacturing method

    [Roasted green tea] Roasted

    [Barley tea] Hot air roasting Veteran craftsmen consider the condition of the raw materials and the outside temperature, and according to our company's standards, take out the tea at the optimum timing while checking the roasted color.

    [Brown rice tea] Deep steamed

  • production area

    [Roasted green tea] Domestic production

    [Barley tea] Produced in Saga Prefecture

    [Brown rice tea] From Shizuoka Prefecture and Saga Prefecture

  • Internal capacity

    [Hojicha] 50P
    [barley tea] 45P
    [Genmaicha] 100P

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